Fundstrat: in 2019 the fundamentals of Bitcoin needs to go into growth

Although lethargic behavior of the stock market last year has spread and by the beginning of 2019, the analysts slowly Wake up. Besides Friday’s sharp momentum fueled hope. Take new York-based investment-consulting firm, Fundstrat Global Advisors. Its representatives explained why the regulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may improve this year.

In Fundstrat expect growth fundamentals BTC

Co-founder of Fundstrat ‘s Thomas Lee shared his thoughts on the subject of why cryptocurrency can finally change the downtrend on the positive. Lee, who called fundamentals “trend of convergence”, explained the situation on the macro and technical trends, as well as transfusions of Fiat in the crypto and blockchain technology.

First of all, Fundstrat expect dollar weakness in the coming months, which should be a catalyst for the growth of Bitcoin prices. According to analysts, emerging market equities will outperform U.S. stocks, bonds, and similar instruments. This will create a favorable environment for cryptocurrencies, which are often classified as risky and uncorrelated assets.

At the end of Fundstrat make a big bet on institutional investors, who will continue to come into the industry throughout 2019. Niche especially will feel it after a change in the custodian of the cryptocurrency sector and OTC trading. In addition, the inflow of consumers ‘ interest can be triggered by adding support for credit cards on Binance, achieving “critical mass” Lightning Network and IPO Bitmain, Bitfury and other giants of kryptonyte.

Overall, the report sufficiently detailed trends and factors that may affect criptural in 2019. Positive aspects were greater than the possible negative. Thus, it is possible to predict the warming in the cryptocurrency industry.

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