Further disclosure of the specifications of the phone Huawei Mate X, and launch date is approaching


It was supposed to be this year is the year you get smart phones folding finally to the market in large numbers. We thought that Samsung will be the first to say so through the launch of the Galaxy Fold, but due to some problems in the design, decided the South Korean company in the end to postpone the launch. At the same time, the company decided Huawei to take the full time before launching the phone Huawei Mate X to avoid the same fate.

However, it was the day mobile phone monitoring for Huawei Mate X gets the authentication authority contacts the Chinese TENAA. According to the information listed on the official website of this body to the Chinese, they are saying that the phone Huawei Mate X features a flexible OLED screen size of 8 inches and accurately 2200×2480 pixels.

Moreover, it has revealed to us a body of Communications China above-mentioned so that the phone Huawei Mate X will come with a battery with a capacity of 4400mAh to say the least, and random memory size of 6GB or 8GB or 12GB, as well as an internal memory size of 128GB or 256GB or 512GB with the knowledge that this internal memory to accept the possibility of expansion through external memory Nano Memory Card.

The information that we got today tell you that the phone Huawei Mate X will model the dimensions of $ 161.3 x amounted to $ 146.2 × 11 mm, and 287 grams. Apart from the dimensions, it turns out to us as well today that the phone Huawei Mate X will have three cameras in the cell accurately 40 megapixels camera basic accurately 16 megapixels camera second, and accurately 8 megapixels camera, the second with the knowledge that there is an additional camera but its of Type Time Of Flight to enhance the performance of augmented reality applications and virtual reality and other applications.

Phone Huawei Mate X will pay the express shipping strongly 55W, but we know that since the day of the official unveiling of this device. Given that the phone Huawei Mate X just got the authentication authority contacts the Chinese TENAA, we believe that it won’t be long before we see the Huawei launch this phone officially in China.


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