Future iPhone will get a display microLED

For that year, the Network rumors that Apple is working on a promising new technology – screen-based microLED. For these purposes, Apple even opened a secret plant in California, where the company secretly develops and tests the displays of the new generation. The good news is that the key development stage is coming to its logical conclusion. This means that the release of the first iPhone c screen microLED is not far off.

According to the newspaper Daily News, to produce the matrix of new generation is a long-standing partner of Apple, Foxconn. According to the source, the Taiwanese manufacturer has started the development of the production technology microLED.

According to experts, the switch from OLED-matrix displays for Apple microLED bears only advantages. Let’s take a look for yourself:

  • Apple will no longer depend on Samsung and other key suppliers.
  • The whole process from the initial stages of development to production technology will be dictated by Apple. The company will be able to more accurately monitor the calibration process and setup displays.
  • If Apple manage to become the first manufacturer released in mass market devices on an exclusive technology, it will be an undeniable advantage over competitors.

Apple knowingly develops microLED — here and more accurate color reproduction, a virtually infinite contrast, and even a reduced response time. In addition, displays a new type of thinner and more energy efficient than current OLED screens.

Another plus microLED is that it uses inorganic LEDs based on gallium nitride — this means that the new matrix will not be subject to fading. Thus, besides improving the quality of the image will have solved one of the main problems with OLED screens.

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