Futures altcoins approve not all. CME not rushing

One of the largest U.S. stock exchanges Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will not produce a higher altcoins. About it strongly hinted CEO exchange, Terry Duffy, in an interview for Bloomberg.

Why not futures altcoins

Duffy said that his company must first understand what gave the production of futures on Bitcoin. He admits that this might not be the right decision. With Althingi still difficult. They are new, and their volatility is too high. CME can issue futures just to see what would happen.

CME has released a Bitcoin futures on December 17. It happened a week later after it made the largest stock exchange USA Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). In that time, CME futures on altcoins not going to rush, development Director CBOE said in an interview to Cointelegraph that they actively study the market and the ability to work with other cryptocurrencies.

The volume of futures for Bitcoin

Last week CME announcedthat the daily volume of futures on Bitcoin for the quarter increased by 93 percent. The number of open contracts on futures reached 2400. During the quarter it increased by 58 percent.

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