Galaxy A50 receives new update improves the performance of fingerprint

Today started phone Galaxy A50 in the reception of a new update to the operating system in some countries which protects the patch payload for the month of November and also offers significant improvements for the performance of fingerprint algorithms work so after big problems the Samsung devices that work with the fingerprint inside the screen, especially Galaxy S10.

Insight in phone Galaxy A50 is the visual signature Optical, not like in Samsung phones leading, but she nevertheless has suffered from significant problems, particularly in terms of the speed display on the user’s finger and the extent of their safety as well as security problems relating to the performance of the insight when you put the lid to protect the company.

Reported Samsung that this update is an update to the extremely important and users must download it as soon as you encounter it, it stated that the user should wipe his fingerprints off fully after the update, and then live to be entered again.

galaxy a50 november update

The update is available in some European countries now it is in the way of availability for all users around the world. Are you using Galaxy A50’s? We participated in the comments..

Source: SamMobile

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