Galaxy A70S first phone with a camera 64 megapixel


Despite the fact that the Samsung phone last A70 in its class available is still a newborn. It looks like the Korean company is about to launch an improved version of this phone on the level of specifications on behalf of the A70S will get a higher accuracy of the imaging camera, a 64 megapixel.

As the saying close to the company that its new policy specialize in not phones category is expected the latest technologies to reduce the gap between them and the phones category.

Phone new A70S coming out in the second half of this year will depend Samsung on the sensor 64MP ISOCELL GW1 new backed by Tetracell modern working to collect all the four pixels to form one pixel and out with the best image quality in dark environment with the ability of this sensor to lower the noise ratio optical.

It is worth mentioning that the phone A70 available currently markets the price of his 428 US dollars , according to Samsung’s policy last us more than the price of a new phone A70S for $ 450 at most.


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