Galaxy Fold 2 is coming front camera below the screen

The South Korean company Samsung launched its smartphone of the Second Folding by the name Galaxy Z Flip to side chain Galaxy S20 in the last week, where the Z Flip design different from the Galaxy Fold, which was launched last year, which is not his successor, as some reports alleged during the financial period.

According to a new report, the successor of Galaxy Fold coming in the next period of the front camera under the screen, and confirmed this information by the founder of the company-Screen Display Supply Chain who said that the screen would be thin glass such as screen Galaxy Z Flip.

While the technical specifications of your phone Galaxy Fold 2 is still largely obscure at this stage, that the rumors suggest that the screen will be the largest size of 7.7-inches. However, thanks to the camera under the screen, has no different new phone from its predecessor in terms of dimensions.

Source: Aju News

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