Galaxy Fold will turn on the copy support 5G networks, and may soon reach


It seems that the Galaxy Fold folding will happen in the near future the version that supports the 5G, because it was the monitoring of the commission communication federal FCC endorse this version recently, at least that’s according to a leak obtained by the location of My Smart Price. The lifting of the authentication request on this new version of the Galaxy Fold on the 25th day of the month of April was approved on the report of the EMC on the second day of this month.

Ensures test compatibility electromagnetic EMC that the machine does not emit a lot of electromagnetic energy that cause or interfere with other devices.

4G version of the Galaxy Fold supports dual SIM SIM through NanoSIM and eSIM, and for the proportion of 5G of this phone, it supports using the provided contact one. Regardless of the slice contact SIM, the proportion of 5G of the Galaxy Fold will also get a smaller battery with a capacity of 4235mAh unlike the 4GB version, which includes a battery with a capacity of 4380mAh. Apart from the difference in the battery capacity and quality of cellular networks supported, both the two phones seem identical in all other aspects without exception.

It was supposed to say Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold in the month of April, but it turns out the company at the last minute that the initial units that were sent to the reviewers experiencing some problems at the level of the screen hinges, and it turns out that the collapsible screen is very fragile, and therefore this prompted Samsung to postpone the launch to ensure the design of more follow-up before you launch the phone officially in the market.

The waiting period may expire soon, at least that’s what is referred to by the deputy head of the Department of the screens in the Samsung over the past week. Although it seems that it solved all the problems, and became the Galaxy Fold ready to reach the market, there is not yet any specific date or specific time frame for launch.


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