Galaxy M2 may be the first Samsung phones bnwt

Mentioned previous reports that Samsung will support the Galaxy J and C and On in one string to be indicated by the letter M to be the representative phones the economy of the company.

Samsung forgot the irony of her previous notes and declared the first of November for supporting the sheet in two of the four new screens will start to use it in its phones beginning of next year. But, to be fair to each the next Samsung phones will not be such as Knott-Pixel 3 XL, it is a little on The Shape of V or U.

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According to preliminary information, the Phonearena create design imagine my phone Galaxy M2 music, where the approaching launch date of the phone with the advent of details on the platform ANTUTU.

For the specifications of the phone which appeared to it the screen 1080×2340 dimensions 19.5:9 − which it seems that Samsung will use in many of its phones available, add to the processor Exynos 7885 with 3 gigabytes of RAM, rear camera 13 maps, front 8 maps, the Android operating system 8.1 of the fund.

Despite the fact that this whole such as leaks and rumors, but may be accurate to talk with previous leaks.

Source: Phonearena

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