Galaxy Note 10 do not get the front speaker, but will transmit the sound through the screen

For several months in the network there are new little details like the appearanceand specs many expected the South Korean flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10. One could even say that we probably know about the upcoming novelty, almost all the details. However, some details continue to emerge until now, although the official announcement still has not so much time.

Selfie-camera in Galaxy Note 10 is the center of the screen

So, yesterday, we found several photographs of the protective film for the screen of Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro, once again confirming early rumors that the front camera will be located in the cut out in the display of the hole as well as the Galaxy series S10, but this time it will be right in the center. The fans, by the way, this solution is not very much. But that was yesterday, and today to the drain with protective glass was added one interesting detail.

According to information from the well-known insider Ice Universe, the cause of such ultrathin the top of the screen Note 10 is that the usual conversational dynamics are simply not there. This, in turn, means that both versions of the device (both the regular and Pro version) will receive a so-called technology of SoD (Sound on Display), similar to that used in smartphones Huawei P30 Pro and LG ThinQ G8. The sound in the absence of dynamics and the use of such technology is transferred through vibrations directly through the display surface.

Technology “Sound on Display” will transmit the sound directly through the smartphone screen

Of course, all this based only on photos of protective films for the screen, so there is always a chance that Samsung will offer another solution to implement the functionality of the earpiece. However, the company has already released a few phones with the technology of “Sound on Display”, so the chances that the Note 10 soon to join is quite high.

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