Galaxy Note 10 “Galaxy S10” : specifications, price and features and flaws

جالاكسي اس 10 , Galaxy S10

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Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 : specifications, price and features and flaws

Samsung revealed about her new smart phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 after a long series of leaks about the specifications of the phone platforms, and the Korean company launched its phone with a premium design and attractive will make you feel that you need to upgrade your smartphone to this wonderful phone.

Comes phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 screen Infinity the size of 6.1-inch design from edge to edge and from top to bottom with the curved sides and no edges almost, the phone comes with a screen without protrusion of the top annoying where it has been put front camera in a small hole inside the screen, like we saw in the phone Honor View 20 as the exploitation of the fingerprint reader back for the police in conjunction with the front screen where the phone comes powered sensor that works with ultrasound, During the article, we thoroughly review the specifications and the price of the phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 to the side of the most important features and defects and if you need to upgrade to a new phone.

Date of issuance of the phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 price

جالاكسي اس 10 , Galaxy S10

Phone Galaxy Note 10

Samsung detects phone its new smartphone on February 20 and in some countries has started pre-booking for the phone starting today February 21 is the official launch in the global markets on March 8 next.

Comes phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 vs 899 $ which is more than the price of the phone Galaxy S 9 in exchange for $ 180, and if you pre-order the handset ahead of its launch in the market in some countries such as the United States provides headset Samsung Wireless Galaxy Buds which cost $ 149 free gift with pre-order of the phone.

The screen

جالاكسي اس 10 , Galaxy S10

The phone screen

Comes phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 screen from the Super AMOLED screen size of 6.1 inch and looks better than say Samsung sold to its competitors where the screen edges are curved stylishly with surfaces of high degree of exchange with strong technical support HDR10+.

Used Samsung a new type of screen which is Infinity-O where the company replaced extrusion top company with a small hole in the top-right corner of the screen and so the hole has a front camera, and weighs phone 157 grams as its dimensions are 149.9 in 70.4 7.8 mm which makes it larger and wider than the Samsung Galaxy S. 9 thinner and lighter also, the ratio of screen to phone design was 93.1 per cent compared to 83.6 per cent from last year.


جالاكسي اس 10 , Galaxy S10

The design of the phone

Comes phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 design of safety glass with aluminum frame and a back cover in distinct colors namely Black, Rose, blue, white, yellow, and green.

It has the back cover of the phone on the three rear cameras, the phone comes with PowerShare so you can charge your phone using the phone your friends, and that feature when the phone is less than 30%, as you can charge your phone wirelessly through the Galaxy Buds.

Successfully Samsung to replace the fingerprint reader back and put it in the ROM with the screen of the phone front the company uses ultrasound from Qualcomm, which the company indicated it is safer and unlock your phone screen by placing your thumb in the bottom third of the device, as the company was keen to maintain the socket headphones traditional which is distinct where the company is considered one of the few companies in the year 2019 and still retain the port of heaven, the traditional, the company also launched a wireless headphones with the phone.

The camera

جالاكسي اس 10 , Galaxy S10

The rear camera of the phone

Phone needs Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 on three cameras background lenses ordinary strictly 12 test a lens close to accurately 12 megapixel lens of the final new Strictly 16 Test.

And pick up a camera phone Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 excellent images even in low light conditions, with the support of artificial intelligence techniques, which improves the quality of captured images rich in detail.

And from the front the phone has a camera with a 10 test, either with respect to the video, you can record videos with HDR10 + with the possibility of installation of digital video.

Battery life and processor

Phone work Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with a ram of 8 gigabytes RAM memory internal storage 128/512 gigabytes and there is no version with a capacity of 64 gigabytes.

With regard to the capacity the battery the phone works with a battery with a capacity of 3400 Ma/h compared with a capacity of 3000 mAh in the phone Galaxy S 9.


The screen can take on a high proportion of the front-end of the phone.

Sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

Feature support PowerShare perk wireless.

The clinic

The spectacular rise in the price of the phone.

Still, there’s a special button in the plugin Bixby.

Is it worth buying?

Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 . Is the phone worth to be the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Samsung Series s famous, the phone features a sophisticated camera and three lenses with feature PowerShare Wireless the new, and the SPV up to you in the end.

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