Galaxy Note 10 get the camera with three variable apertures

The first Samsung phone with a camera with a variable iris (aka aperture) was Samsung W2018. Its main rear camera can switch between aperture value ƒ/1.5 and ƒ/2.4. This feature proved so useful and warmly received by the users, which subsequently found its application in future smartphones South Korean company: the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note. Given this trend, it is natural to expect further development and improvement of this technology, and continue implementing it in mobile devices and on. So it actually happened.

The picture is only received and processed in a certain way the light

First I would like to spend a small educational program and to understand what aperture. In short, the picture is only received and processed in a certain way light. The more light hits the camera’s sensor, the better the photo will be. And aperture (ie its value) just the same, determines the diameter of the inlet chamber, through which the light falls on the sensor (matrix) – the smaller the aperture value, the greater the inlet chamber, and, accordingly, more light can penetrate through it. If you are interested to learn more about what is aperture and how it affects the quality of your photos, read a detailed material about this on our website.

Now back to Samsung and its upcoming flagship. According to the insider known Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), camera Galaxy Note 10, besides the fact that will have a variable aperture, and not with two values, like we used to see in modern smartphones, but three: ƒ/1.5 and ƒ/2.4 ƒ/1.8. The insider noted that the new information was received from the engineers of Samsung in China.

While typically the phone can change the aperture value programmatically, the device Samsung are doing it mechanically, like a DSLR.

Galaxy Note 10 will present the world in August

It is expected that Galaxy Note 10 with the brand new Exynos four main chambers and a hole in the center of the display will show to the world in early August. Appear earlier rumors said that the smartphone will get the Pro version and get rid of the headphone Jack and buttons Bixby.

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