Galaxy Note 10 may come with a night mode in the front camera

Since a few posted You important leak about the specifications of the phone Galaxy Note 10 new and now we have a new infusion of support that the phone will come with the feature of Night Mode in the front camera.

The source of this leak -or common – is a Greek (in the sources) and we don’t know the accuracy of this information, but if you think a little you’ll find the answer: why not? Why don’t you add Samsung this feature in the camera front.

When you take a picture using the front camera in the lighting bad often happens to be the meal is not the perfect shape or there will be deformation or “pixels” in spite of that the Flaw Detection in the Samsung phones do the trick in this case however, the inclusion of a night mode would be an excellent step.

As we all know change is using the night mode requires from you some time until the phone processes the picture which is going to be pretty hard when you capture the image of a sword with a large number of people where you shouldn’t be with either of them or change the mode but Samsung might be able to find a solution to this problem.

Source: Sam Mobile / original source (translated via Google)

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