Galaxy Note 10 starts to get Android 10 and OneUI 2.0

Later had made it clear to Samsung that both Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 will get update Android 10 guided one OneUI 2.0 in the month of January next only to the company and without that know about it officially reneged on its decision and began the launch of a new update to the identity of their leader in the month of December now, and today comes Galaxy Note 10.

تحديث أندرويد 10 لهاتف نوت 10

Galaxy Note 10 gets an update of Android 10 one OneUI 2.0

He began to phone in to get the new update in Germany as usual, this update is not updating the demo Beta or update optional no update is complete and stable, which was destined to be launched in January as we told you before.

The app offers all the features announced by Google for Android system 10 also includes all the features presented by Samsung exclusively for one OneUI own, so the update will be available Case Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 plus as you can expect.

تحديث أندرويد 10 لهاتف نوت 10

It even now may not be important for the Arab world, but once it starts the update in availability in one country it means that a few days or weeks separate him from the Arab world have participated you a few days ago, experts ask to update Android 10 of Kuwait already to phones Galaxy S10!

What do you think? Did you have your Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10’s? We participated in the comments..

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