Galaxy Note 10 will get 4 cameras background [rumors]

No longer cameras and three from the back convince users or companies, we have seen this year there’s a new type increase the number of rear cameras, such as four in the Galaxy S-10 and five like Nokia, the latest rumors are that Samsung will adopt the same thing with the Note 10 where it will come with four cameras background.

Used existing lenses on each camera to provide lens broad and very broad and a third of specialized approximate and sensitive TOF.

Some evidence suggests that the Note 10 will come with a smart pen a whole new May sings the user from the front camera, where Samsung received a patent allows it to embed the optical system contains lenses and sensors page in pen.

It is not excluded also that supports the Note 10 networks of the fifth generation according to what refers the name of the file.

It is expected to release Samsung phone Note 10 in August next.

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