Galaxy Note 20 Ultra beats its brother on sales in China

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra -

Samsung might not have large sales in China overall, but a few thousand buyers still need to provide reliable enough stats about the popularity of the new Galaxy Note 20 Series phones. According to the prominent Chinese Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G has succeeded in outperforming the regular Galaxy Note 20 5G at the level of sales.

This is based on sales at the Chinese store, which revealed the number of units sold per phone. Statistics show that Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G sales have broken 2,200,000 units, while Galaxy Note 20 5G sales are still around 200 units.

There is a big difference in the price between the two, but the high price does not scare people, but rather the opposite that happens. Generally, analysts will be monitoring sales and should soon reveal which of the Galaxy Note 20 models is the most popular. Will Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G be the biggest seller even in Western markets?


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