Galaxy Note 8 update to Android Oreo in France. How to prepare the debut of the Galaxy Note 9?

Galaxy Note 8

Almost simultaneously, the Network appeared two important messages about tabletag Galaxy Note flagship from the company Samsung. The first message concerns the Galaxy Note 8. These devices have started to upgrade to Android Oreo in France. The second message has a direct relationship to the preparation of the meeting Galaxy Note 9 with a wide audience of connoisseurs of smart phones from Samsung.

Leading supplier of smartphones in the global market, Samsung, in recent days attracted even more attention than usual, though it’s hard to imagine. But not the entire interest of users facing the new flagship of the South Korean tech giant Galaxy S9 and S9+. Looks like the upgrade to Android Oreo S8 not only Galaxy, but the Galaxy Note 8. More new case was dealt with in the article of adriana Diaconescu (Adrian Diaconescu), a published resource

Earlier it was reported about the update to Android Oreo some Galaxy Note 8 in the United States. It was about the update provided by the operator AT&T phablet based on the chipset Snapdragon 835. Android version 8.0 Oreo designed for the Galaxy Note 8 is largely similar to the one which is focused on the Galaxy S8.

This time the flagship phablets from Samsung started to update in France. As provided by the update implemented a number of new features Android 8.0 from the Google, developing the popular mobile operating system, and enhancements to Samsung Experience 9.0, then download and install new software will need some time.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the announcement of the next-generation flagship phablet from the leader of the smartphone market. After all, users expect not only the software updates of previous models, but also impressive new products that every year pleases them Samsung. After all, smartphones available on the market the South Korean tech giant, is very popular. And even before the release of the next model, the Network appears a lot of posts about it, especially if we are talking about one of the most interesting flagship. As the popularity of smartphones with larger screens is growing every year, that phablets are increasingly beginning to attract the attention of a wide audience.

As reported in the note to Daniel Petrov (Petrov Daniel) published by phonearena.comin which the author refers to communication resource galaxyclub.nlSamsung has applied for trademark registration of the “Galaxy Note 9” in Colombia, among other brands of its recent smartphones. The filing date is 12 March 2018. And even though the official announcement of the device remains a few months, first-time users have tangible proof that Note 9 will see the light and preparing for his debut is already underway.

Note 9

However, there are other steps on the way to release a new smartphone on the market. When a new trademark register, the USPTO, it would mean that the debut is near and soon users will be glad tableto the next flagship from Samsung.

It is expected that the upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 9, like Galaxy Note 8, will be characterized by a 6.3-inch display. This improvement will affect the brightness and the glass display of the new smartwatch, which will be characteristic for such screens previously represented the flagships of the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

It is expected that the market will be two versions of the Galaxy Note 9, the difference between them will be used in the chipsets. One of the versions will be based on Snapdragon 845, the second — Exynos 9810. The novelty will be equipped with 6 gigabytes of RAM. On its rear panel are the dual camera. And it is very likely that this camera will be the same as the one that have found applications in already released flagship device, the Galaxy S9 and S9+. On the rear panel of the flagship phablet, which will be one of the most interesting announcements of the smartphone industry in the second half of this year, will be placed a fingerprint scanner.

Although many users expected that Galaxy Note 9 will be the first smartphone from the company Samsung, which finally finds a use an innovative display, a fingerprint scanner, but previously it was reportedthat this hardware feature will not find application in the next flagship phablet of the market leader in smart phones.

The reason given was that attempts to implement similar technology in the end not give the desired result. Disadvantage of technology is called different moments. These include the increasing complexity of the screen of the device and slow operation.

However, it is believed that over time, the “frameless” devices will be equipped with exactly the built-in display fingerprint scanners. However, any new technology becomes mass immediately, and sometimes the beginning of its widespread use in consumer electronics does not have to wait one year.

In Telegram chat readers will be able to discuss the updates of devices from Samsung to the new version of Android and the functions that I would like to see in the new Galaxy Note 9.

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