Galaxy Note 9 Samsung: everything was disclosed in the conference Samsung

After a lot of reports a lot of rumors revealed Samsung officially told the annual about the Galaxy Note 9. For the first time since years the company has returned to attract the attention of water that drew the attention of everyone of the phone of the foundation, touch pen that carries the name of the S Pen otherwise come this time with great advantages. Pen Touch special did not write the company that put a lot of improvements that we saw next to the new ads in the conference where we get to know all of them in this article.

The price of the Galaxy Note 9

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

Before talking about what the phone offers the advantages you need to know that the price of the phone starts from $ 1000, a price model that comes with the internal memory of 128 GB memory, random 6 Gb. The model the other comes with the internal memory of 512 GB (lots of storage space certainly) and random with a capacity of 8 GB and a price of 1250 dollars, which means that the large storage capacity doesn’t come free. The phone is available for pre-booking beginning tomorrow, where available at all major retailers and through Samsung in the twenty-fourth of August.

Specifications of the Galaxy Note 9

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

As for the design of the phone and the note from his body outside, you can’t expect a distinctive design about the Note 8 phone last year of peace which was released less than 11 months. Design Note 9 privileged and will not make you feel for a moment that a phone with high quality and design that makes you boast out, but if you enjoy your Note 8 access to Note 9 for change of appearance is not a good idea in any form.

Given the background and all you can notice is the change in the place of a fingerprint sensor under the camera while the phone supports wireless charging which is against the water and with a headphone of 3.5 mm in addition to phone support memory external up to 512 GB, which means if you have a copy of it GB it is possible owning a phone with a storage capacity of 1 TB.

And on the phone screen the phone comes with a 6.4 inch display vs the screen of the Note 8 The author of the 6.3 inch, a Super Amoled display Quad HD+. With the lack of developments from Qualcomm and Google, as usual this time of year the phone comes SIM Galaxy S9 of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system Android oreo the latest 8.1.

Cooling water and large battery finally

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

According to Samsung the phone comes cooling water in the inside, this certainly is not easy to believe, but this is what she said Samsung already. The company says it has developed a cooling system aqueous carbon inside the phone to enjoy the performance of streamline with pressure and frequent use. We don’t know whether this is just a marketing or not, where we don’t know a lot about this peculiar feature altogether.

Finally, provide a phone Note 9 large battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, after that the long wait for fans of Samsung to offer a phone with great battery at a time, which has become the capacities of the batteries provided by a number of companies and other larger capacity batteries Samsung phones, despite the price difference. It seems that Samsung has finally seeing that the Transit time of the crisis of the combustion of the batteries in 2016 when version phone Note 7, which has been withdrawn from the market.

Camera Galaxy Note 9 The advantages of artificial intelligence

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

Do not submit camera phone Galaxy Note 9 New about his S9+, where the phone comes with a camera Double accurately 12 megapixel to 12 megapixel with the support of the same advantages that included in the camera S9+, but use the Samsung as the other to focus on the advantages of artificial intelligence where the company adds a number of features of the feature position ready for imaging various either food photography or streets within 20 put.

The advantages of the S Pen in the Galaxy Note 9

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

As we learned from before that the S Pen supports Bluetooth which means the phone next to his self-presentation accuracy of drawing and writing that were introduced previously rarely touch it will be no use of the other through the button either to the music or capture the image with a lot of persons.

On the concern that affects the charging of the pen on the performance of the phone battery since it is charged when placed inside the phone company to ensure shipment is extremely fast with custom therefore, when he came to the phone and the company also you will not suffer from the separation of the pen because of the shipping.

Free not many exclusive gifts additional

هاتف Galaxy Note 9 من سامسونج: كل ما تم الكشف عنه في مؤتمر سامسونج

And Samsung phones on the version of Android of game free game the author of the month tyrant in the world is currently in an early but rumors about the continuation of CSR for the company for months or even one month doesn’t look quite right, the police confirmed that the exclusive game will continue for a few days only. It is going to happen on the phone Note 9 will be able to get the headset to get 15 A of the internal currency of the game in Pakistan and Galaxy own or it is possible to pay $ 99 to get the phone and Purchases of the domestic game.

Game Free you won’t believe the stores in Google Play, maybe to avoid a loss-share Google of all purchases made within existing games on the App Store. Free made big gains extremely of internal purchases made by the Without to be the game itself exchange of money where it’s free on Android as it was free on other platforms is the need of the personal and the switch from Nintendo and the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one operating system and iOS by Apple.

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