Galaxy S10 5G on par with the Huawei P30 Pro quality shooting

Rating of laboratory DxOMark, despite the dissatisfaction of some manufacturers, is the main measure of quality cameras on mobile devices. Many vendors order test their phones before release to be able to show off attractive figures at the presentation. However, major players like Samsung think competitions of this kind nothing more than a rat race, preferring not to draw any attention to them. That, however, does a high rating, which gets its flagships, less important.

Today, April 16, experts DxOMark has published a report on the study of the Galaxy camera S10 5G, which went on sale on 5 April. However, this time was enough to thoroughly test the new car and put her assessment.

Camera Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy S10 5G is the only camera of the flagship Galaxy S tenth generation, which chetyrehosnuju the camera. It generates a standard set of basic sirica (12 MP), additional ultrasonographies (16 MP) and telescopic (12 MP) modules. The fourth module is a ToF-sensor responsible for measuring the distance to the subject. Thanks to him, a portrait photo with the background blurred out more natural and organic.

According to the overall Galaxy S10 5G earned 112 points. Exactly the same DxOMark rating awarded Huawei P30 Pro 48 with its-megapixel camera and 10x zoom hybrid. However, in their assessments, yet there is a slight difference: Galaxy S10 5G could boast of 117 points for the quality of the photography, whereas Pro P30 – 119-Yu. But in the test on the video “galactic” flagship of the left as a leader, earning 100 points versus 97 for a competitor from China.

How to remove Galaxy S10 5G

So Galaxy S10 5G shoots in bright conditions.

And so, in performance Galaxy S10 5G get portrait shots: the first is made on a telephoto lens, and the second on wide angle.

S10 Galaxy 5G works well shots with high contrast, which is noticeable in this picture.

But shooting in difficult lighting conditions given Galaxy S10 5G is not as good as Huawei Pro P30 (right).

But color accuracy Galaxy S10 5G no equal.

Overall score that DxOMark put Galaxy S10 5G, can be considered deserved. Despite the fact that the smartphone does not feel very confident in some photography scenarios, the experts commended the white balance, exposure accuracy, a natural and unobtrusive bokeh and a minimum of artifacts in difficult shooting conditions.

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