Galaxy S10 for sure coming reader fingerprint the police and maybe a screen pass pictures

We’ve heard a lot about the access reader fingerprint built-in screen to Samsung phones leading during the past years, it was said, during the past two months that mark the Korean will take the decision to adopt reader insight new in the Galaxy Note 9 soon, and today didn’t show what refers to the intention of Samsung, even the back of the report says that technology is coming to the Galaxy S10, and Qualcomm.

Galaxy S10 phone is the tenth anniversary of the series Galaxy S, there is no doubt that a technology like this to the him, along with many of the nurses associated. Removes a report today that the transfer of this news about Samsung’s partners.

The report said the purchase of Qualcomm with Samsung for the first time, where the leaks by referring to the development of the Korean technology reader fingerprint built-in screen itself. It seems that the technical will be based on ultrasound.

Works reader insight Sonic pulse ultrasonic waves against the finger to draw a map of pores and elevations unique to each fingerprint, allowing the sensor to collect data depth additional for the exact reproduction of three-dimensional fingerprint to ensure the accuracy higher than provided by reader Insight a visual that we saw screen phones Chinese recently.

In addition, Samsung has unveiled the technique of Sound On Display, which pass the images to the screen through vibrations, according to the sources, they are ready for commercial use, which means the festive launch in the Galaxy S10 what helps in the reduction of the parties or be removed completely as we have seen one of the patents.

This is scheduled to launch Galaxy S10 officially in 2019, it is expected that during the events of the Consumer Electronics Show in January, it is said that Samsung will be after Mobile World Congress which takes place in February with her phone rollaway.

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