Galaxy S10 in Russia lost in the price almost 40% since the start of sales

We helped Chinese manufacturers to capture the market? Of course, ultra-low prices with competitive hardware that their machines could boast at the dawn of their formation. However, with the development of smartphones that were once considered budget, has risen so that many users no longer see the benefit in buying the flagship from China instead of high-end gadgets from manufacturers of the first echelon. It got to the point that even some vehicles of Chinese brands were more expensive than the Galaxy S10.

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According to the independent site “Yandex.Market”, on 15 July 2019, the Galaxy S10 price in Russia dropped to 43 800 rubles, which is almost 40% cheaper than at the start of sales. For comparison: OnePlus 7 Pro is even more expensive than “ten” — its in the Russian market it is impossible to buy cheaper than 47 thousand rubles in the same configuration with the memory 8/128 GB.

Why buy Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 is one of the most popular flagship smartphones of 2019 model year. It not only has advanced features, but also attractive design. Unlike the Galaxy S10e, which although is my personal favorite, but the back looks, frankly, a little ridiculous, the standard “ten” does not have any Association with the savings and low cost nor when viewed from the front or rear.

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Despite the fact that Russia comes in the European version of the Galaxy S10 with the 9820 Exnyos processor, which is inferior to the Snapdragon processor 855, it still has a high level of performance and easily copes with the heaviest games like Fortnite, WoT Blitz and others. And thanks to 8 GB of RAM smartphone keep in mind several applications, offering unhindered access to them at any time.

Camera Galaxy S10 consists of three modules: the core, the telephoto and wide angle. If the purpose of the first two is clear, the third is a newcomer in the line of Galaxy S. It widens the angle of view, allowing the camera to capture more detail like when shooting photos, and when shooting video, where the coverage is almost not affected.

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