Galaxy S10 may support faster charging, export and Lily the best

President of Samsung China that the company is considering launching a big update to firmware series Galaxy S10 to support the new features, according to informed sources.

The first feature mentioned by the source, is to promote the shipping speed is fast; it has launched a series of Galaxy S10 to support shipping wireless and wired capability 15 watts – with the exception of S10 5G, but the update would raise the capacity of the wired charging to 25 watts.

Samsung supports wired charging capabilities 25 watt in phones Galaxy A70 and A50 وA30 already, as well as in S10 5G which intend to launch it late April; and although it is a step too late compared to its competitors Huawei up, but it’s certainly welcome..

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The second feature which was mentioned by the source they are put Night Vision on so-called “Super Night”; the current “Bright Night” in phones Galaxy S10 is part of a tool of artificial intelligence to identify the scene, we can do it manually, but do the settings mode automatically in darkness, without user intervention, and is not associated in its results to the Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro.

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Scheduled to be put imaging new night one of the design patterns of the application of the camera will be user chosen manually, as it may increase the efficiency of capturing images in the dark.

Finally, there is no information on the expected arrival time so a big update for Galaxy S10, but it may be closer than expected.

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