Galaxy S20 plus dominates the market phones the fifth generation in the United States

جالكسي S20 بلس يهيمن على سوق هواتف الجيل الخامس في الولايات المتحدة

Showed stats company Strargy Analytics to study and analyze the market to achieve the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus the highest sales in the market phones the fifth generation in the United States of America during the first quarter of 2020.

According to the statistical table for the company the Galaxy S20 Plus may control 40% of the smartphone market, support for touch fifth generation (phones 5G), while came in second place is the Samsung S20 ultra contribution rate in the market reached 30%.

And, of course, came in second place on the list of phones the fifth generation the most popular in the United States Samsung Galaxy S20 the normal version by the sales reached 24%.

The report stated that sales of the phones and 5G in the US market reached 3.4 million phones during the first quarter of 2020, representing 12% of the total phones the fifth generation that were shipped globally during this period.

According to the stats last the Samsung control during the first three months of the year on 94% of shipments 5G in the US market, while the distribution of the remainder, amounting to 6% on all of Motorola, LG and OnePlus.

It is expected that the dominance of the Korean company on this market in the United States until the second quarter of the year; any time that launches the Apple version for iPhone 12 5G new, which certainly would change the balance of the game then.

It is reported noteworthy that Samsung had announced the end of last month with her car since the beginning of the year 2020 for 34.4% of the shipments of phones 5G world.



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