Galaxy S20 solved the main problem of smartphones 2020

Not so long ago in the Network appeared the photographs, which depicted the Galaxy S20. The range of smartphones Galaxy S, which includes Galaxy S20 S20 S20 Ultra Plus and should be the next flagship lineup from Samsung. The main feature of the smartphone, according to rumors, will be a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz images. This feature attracts many today, and we have repeatedly talked about its advantages, but today it’s not about that. The image that flaunts Galaxy S20, allowed to reveal the main problem of smartphones 2020.

What is the main flaw of smartphones 2020

What is the main problem of the smartphone? Their similarity to each other, uniformity. Let’s see how does the Galaxy S20:

Samsung Galaxy S20 on live photos

Official render S20

And now I propose to remember the look of Galaxy A50, A70, S10, Galaxy Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite — all of these devices were presented during the past month.

Galaxy A51, A71, Note 10 Lite and Lite S10

It’s funny how they are all similar. And even the flagship looks. Now one simple question — who would buy a phone for $ 1000 if he looks almost the same as the device for $ 300? Of course, many need a good camera and performance, but most people choose a handset by its looks.

Samsung has made the budget model is similar to the flagship in order to increase market share. However thereby reduces sales of Samsung’s flagship S20. Let’s look at what it looks like last year’s flagship Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

Is there any difference compared to the S20? I did not notice. At least it will be connected not with appearance gadgets. Owners Galaxy S10 is not exactly run to the store to buy the new flagship of Samsung, losing a lot of money on the sale of used devices and buying has risen in price in comparison with the previous year S20. And even the owners of the S9 is unlikely to want to change your machine.

In addition, let’s look at how to look like devices from other manufacturers — they are all similar and offer unlimited front screen with a cutout or traveling camera. At least OnePlus 8 Lite from Galaxy S20 you can hardly tell.

OnePlus 8 Lite is the most anticipated smartphone of 2020?

Rear panel — the only thing that can differ between devices, but here the company inclined to the side similar to each other colorful iridescent enclosures with square bezel for the camera.

The market is not distinctive vehicles

Tired of all the Google, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu. The company used to use from year to year the same branding and style. This led to the fact that consumers are bored with the same type of smartphones. Where you can buy the same fancy phone for his time, as Essential Phone, for example? At the time, was a unique and Motorola Moto X, it offers an individual design for each consumer.

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On the market there is simply no smartphone that would be able to attract due to its uniqueness and identity. Productive Galaxy S20, the camera was sure to be cool, but what use is that if you won’t get pleasure from the fact that you hold it in your hands? In my opinion, companies should not focus on branding in an extreme case, it is necessary to change them frequently. Also today, by reducing frames and larger displays became even harder to stand out.

It is interesting to know the opinion of readers about this. How do you feel about the fact that all smartphones have become monotonous? In my opinion, even the Galaxy Fold 2 or Huawei Mate X not very attracted to it due to the fact that not offering a completely new design, which would have been similar to the previous phone companies and smartphones competitors. Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to us in the Telegram.

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