Galaxy S9+ fought with your iPhone X in the drop-test

Called Apple glass iPhone X most robust of all that is ever used in smartphones. While Samsung talked about the thicker display and enhanced aluminium in the line of Galaxy S9. Employee PhoneBuff have compared the strength of the housings of both devices in a drop-test.

The journalists spent three mandatory rounds. The first smartphones dropped to the back surface. Both devices remained in working condition, however the Galaxy S9+ burst glass. iPhone X is not much affected externally.

In the second round of smart phones fell on the corner of the case. Ten maximum points again got iPhone X and S9+ showed itself a little worse. In the third round, the situation was reversed: the front glass of the smartphone Samsung remained intact, and the flagship Apple cracked.

After three stages the authors of the video have decided to hold further. Originally planned to throw the device ten times. iPhone X ceased to recognize the gesture “Home” after the fifth falling. Galaxy S9+ reached the finish line and earned the victory at one point.

To discuss an experiment in official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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