Galaxy S9 on the Exynos chip holds a charge worse than the version on Snapdragon. What is the reason?

Samsung’s new flagships traditionally released in two versions — Exynos and Snapdragon chips. Variant with a Snapdragon 845 intended for the USA, China and Japan, while the Exynos 8910 goes to other regions. Journalists noted the deterioration of the autonomy of the Galaxy S9 and shared a possible reason for this behavior.

Battery life I tested the staff of Phone Arena. According to them, in comparison with the previous generation, the autonomy has decreased by 12 percent. Colleagues from AnandTech figure worse and is 30 percent. The tests are different, but the decline is noticeable.

For example, is the difference in the duration of web surfing. Orange marked the result of Galaxy S9+ on the Snapdragon processor 845 and the blue version on Exynos.

Total time is also significantly different.

Journalists began to seek the cause in the processor core Exynos M3. Using the built-in tool, they were able to change the frequency to 1,469 MHz and limit the speed of the memory controller twice. In such changes, the chip shows the performance of the Exynos in the Galaxy 8895 S9. The responsiveness of the interface decreased significantly, so the authors do not recommend to repeat it.

Of this, the staff of the resource concluded that the problem is in the chip. The model consumes much more resources in comparison with competitors at a higher clock frequency. It is also possible the so-called power leakage due to the design of the chip.

As a result, the authors do not recommend buying Galaxy S9 on the Exynos, at least for now. To discuss the new model in an official telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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