Galaxy S9 received support night shooting mode like the Galaxy S10

Despite the fact that most manufacturers of Android smartphones are used instead of the stock version of the operating system of its own sheath, it does not prevent them to release different builds for the flagships of different years, thereby increasing the extent of fragmentation. As a result, we see that the device, which a year ago was honored today devoid of the most banal functions, which were awarded to only the flagship of the current generation. Fortunately, Samsung was one of the first to move away from such practices.

After Android 9 Pie Samsung introduced the June security update of the original shell One UI for Galaxy S9. In addition to the vulnerability fixes contained at least one functional innovation. They became the support for the dedicated night shooting mode that before was only available to owners of smartphones Galaxy S the tenth generation.

Night mode for Galaxy S9

Night mode was previously embedded in the firmware One UI, however, only activated automatically if the algorithms of the smartphone knew that the shooting is done in low-light conditions. Now to enable night mode manually. To improve the frame, the camera increases the shutter speed a bit demanding during shooting to keep the smartphone steady to the final photo turned out a little lighter.

Unfortunately, night mode camera Galaxy S9 and S10 is very different from the mode Night Sight, which can boast of the Google Pixel. However, it was probably for the best. The fact that the Night Sight does not increase exposure, and applies the advanced post processing algorithms, like wyswietlaj frame. As a result, the image appears as if it was not done in low light conditions, and when just starting twilight.

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