Galaxy Space new device from Samsung

I have a Samsung device, Windows a new pipeline called the Galaxy Space, at least according to the images leaked have been published on the website of Geekbench, although it is not entirely clear what could be that device, but that access to the information on Geekbench, works Galaxy Space operating system Windows 10 and has a system memory of 8 GB, with the processor, the tail 8 Windows quick key of $ 2.84 GHz, unfortunately this is all the hardware information included in the Geekbench database, So we have left in the guess the wild to some extent here where we don’t even know what this device is.

What is a Galaxy Space

جهاز Galaxy Space منتج سامسونج القادم والذي يعمل بويندوز 10Galaxy Space Samsung product rule, which works for Windows 10

It seems that this is probably the laptop adjustable of some kind, separate from the models of Samsung Galaxy of Samsung, operating partner of the Qualcomm Snapdragon. He also notes the relationship of performance single-core and multi-core are similar to those achieved by the Samsung Galaxy Book 2, which is a laptop 2-in-1 uses a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 (with four of the eight cores that operate at 2.9 GHz), as we have said before, this is all just speculation imperfect too, and speaking of that, the leaking Windows Last raises the possibility to have some sort of headphones from the type of Windows Mixed Reality.

This may seem unlikely to some extent due to recent developments with these headphones, which differ now from the Microsoft Store (and other places) Apparently because sales is large where Microsoft has itself recently closed the studio mixed reality in Berlin, it seems to work on reducing the size of these headphones to focus more on Surface devices and Xbox, in the end we hope to find out soon what plans not Samsung, if there was anything already will be raised by this name because we certainly can’t think of this registry as concrete evidence that the device Galaxy Space already exists.

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