Galaxy Tab S4 will feature face recognition technology, and Iris recognition


Was tablet Galaxy Tab S4 the focus of many leaks in the past and so we saw this tablet with the screen bezel thinner compared to the tablet of Samsung’s previous flagship and without physical buttons below the screen, which raises the question about the type of security techniques biometric that Samsung will use it in this tablet.

The rumors indicate that the tablet Galaxy Tab S4 will feature a reader of the iris and face recognition. And now, here we are with a new report from website SamMobile says that the Galaxy Tab S4 will already reader iris and facial recognition after information was leaked from one of the video clips that illustrate how the work of both features.

Animation which explains how work reader iris and facial recognition when you turn the device to clarify that these features will work as is the case in the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9. Working both features at one time, when the sensor either on the face or the iris of the eye, it opens the device automatically. This allows the sensor to work in environments bright and dark.

Generally, in case if previous reports are true, it is supposed to be a formal unveiling of the device tablet Galaxy Tab S4 in the press conference that will be held by Samsung on the ninth day of the month of August this year, in the Economic of America in New York, which will be where the company detects tablet phone product, the Galaxy Note 9 along with the smart watch Galaxy Watch previously known as Samsung Gear S4.



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