Galaxy Watch 3 up officially in two different sizes, with more features health

Galaxy Watch 3

Not announced phones Galaxy 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and the two devices tablet Galaxy Tab S7 +and Galaxy Tab S7 headphones ear wireless Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung also just slide the curtain officially about the smart watch Galaxy Watch 3 that comes with the ability to measure oxygen levels in the blood, and blood pressure, as well as read the electrocardiogram.

This smart watch will be available in two sizes, 45mm and 41mm with a screen size of 1.4 inches and 1.2 inches, respectively. This screen type is Super AMOLED and features a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels it also comes with a power glass protective Gorilla Glass DX. Will the framework be subject to rotation will be for potential users to navigate the interface operating system.

On the inside, this smart watch processor Exynos 9110 octa-core that has a frequency of 1.15 GHz, and the memory of random size of 1GB, the internal memory size of 8GB, as well as a modem LTE and a slide contact compact eSIM.

Enjoy Galaxy Watch 3 also the testimony of IP68 which means it is resistant to water, dust, and also the certificate of the Cross of the military MIL-STD-810G. Furthermore, it includes a battery with a capacity of 340mAh in women big size, the battery with a capacity of 247mAh in women small size note that this battery supports wireless charging.


Been a Samsung faithful for the operating system of its own, it continued to use the system TizenOS 5.5 in the smart watch Galaxy Watch 3. The company reported cautiously in its press release that, although the smart watch contains a sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood, the water won’t arrive until later this year. As for my blood pressure measurement, planning, Electrical, it will be available in some markets only because they need authorization from the local health authorities.

Is marketing the Galaxy Watch 3 is the perfect partner for training, it has developed the Samsung operating system in the sixth to make notes immediately and performance analysis, as well as tracking the heart rate through the decisions of VO2 Max, which some consider the only action that must be taken into account during jogging.

One of the other features of the Samsung company is the management of sleep. Is not a new feature entirely, but with the Galaxy Watch 3 you will get a better track of growth statistics and more accuracy to help you get better rest.

Will be able All Galaxy Watch 3 of the access to over 120 videos for two different sports on the Samsung Health which can be made at home because many people are still trapped in their homes due to the pandemic COVID-19. Can play video on any device will be Galaxy Watch 3 trackers directly, allowing the development step by step.

Smart watch Galaxy Watch 3 will be available for purchase starting August 6 in a number of markets, while you will get in Europe on 21 November. Both copies will be available in two models supports the WiFi only models supporting WiFi and LTE note that this smart watch will be available in the colors include Copper, Black and silver. With regard to prices, they are starting from 429 euros to the proportion of 41mm and 459 euros copy of the 45mm, but these prices belong the models that support WiFi only. For models that support LTE too, it cost 50 euros extra.

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