Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have the function of measuring ECG and determine drops

Despite the fact that the market of smart hours is not so great, as the smartphone market, determine it’s leader is quite difficult. The fact is that most brands do not offer any innovation and simply following the path of least resistance. Even Huawei, which does not take its own developments, it seems that it is not seeking to become the first, and lagging somewhere at the end. Another thing is Samsung, which is trying to attract customers with the most unexpected solutions, even lapped others.

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Galaxy Watch 2 will be Active as never like on the Apple Watch. Not only that, Samsung has decided to adapt the design of smart watches Apple, only by changing their geometric form, and to implement the same features that debuted in the model Series 4. The main new features Watch Active of the second generation will be a function of readings and ECG detection mode drops. With their help, Samsung plans to interest a new audience, who thought only of the reference clock Apple Watch.

Watch with function of ECG

To Galaxy Watch Active 2 was able to read the ECG, Samsung has equipped them with a set of electrodes on the back side, which is adjacent to the wrist. Will this second electrode embedded in the side of the clock, as in the case of the Apple Watch, is unknown.

According to SamMobile, the way the clock will be able to diagnose atrial fibrillation, periodically conducting the necessary measurements in the background. This was the feature that gave Apple Watch a new level, allowing Apple to assert itself on the market for personal medical devices.

Another function – the function of detecting drops – uses existing sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer. However, to get them to work in the right mode, the Samsung developers had to spend a lot of work.

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In particular, Apple took a lot of tests with a focus group, whose participants wore the Apple Watch for several months. Each drop was recorded for hours and then analyzed by artificial intelligence.

It is not known when Samsung can provide Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is possible that the release will take place on August 7 in new York at the presentation on the launch of the Galaxy Note 10. Subscribe to our channel at Yandex.Zento know for sure.

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