Game adventure Minit is now available officially for Android and iOS

In the past year, the company announced Devolver Digital announced the launch of the game The Adventures of our Minit to computers was Xbox as well as pain.

And about less than two weeks from now, announced based on the game’s intention to launch on both Android and iOS.

This is what really happened, through the issuance of pre-registration, whether on the shop Google Play or the App Store.

Game adventure Minit is now available officially for Android and iOS

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Now officially, it was the launch of the game adventure Minit in its final form and full to users of Android and iOS.

With regard to this game, as we pointed out earlier the intervention among adventure games and challenges.

What distinguishes them is the style of game, where you have to leave and requested for a maximum of 60 seconds. “In”

When you watch the video below, you will notice the focus the game on the stylish graphics based on pixels in black and white.

It will provide tools to control the display from top to bottom to work the other elements of the touch screen, and sleek without the player feeling the difficulty.

As for the way you play in a Minit, will start your first tour to capture your personality and Sword of the Damned, and at this point, you have sixty seconds to try to lift the curse before you die.

And progress through access to places of convenience, and you’ll need to search in these areas to make sure you will not lose any momentum.

On the other hand, as expected, the game Minit is free, where available for 4.99$, with no ads or purchases internal.

Game adventure Minit is now available officially for Android and iOSmore

Finally if you are looking for a fun adventure game quite similar to games Zelda, this game is the perfect choice.

So that you can upload to the Android platform from here, and the other system iOS from here, and which we referred to earlier.

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