Game Age of Empires II back graphics 4K and many extras in October

One of the most important and most beautiful games of historical strategy will be updates large, which reviewed the Microsoft a glimpse of the game Age of Empires II by Definitive Edition, which will launch its graphics 4K with improvements to sound and many extras in October next.

20 years ago Microsoft released the first version of the game that quickly gained broad public. Today, coming with three new campaigns, including one called The Last Khans and four new civilizations are the Tatars and Bulgarians commune of Lithuania.

The game provides the status of the spectator allows you to watch any player from the perspective of his own.

Finally, if you’re a new player, the game will be $ 19.99 and if you have a version Age of Empires II: HD Edition on the Steam service it will be $ 14.99 and will be available via the Microsoft Store and also watch my Xbox Game Pass on the personal computer which costs $ 14.99 per month.

If you’re excited to experience the beta version the initial of them, you can join via the official website.

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