Game Angry Birds AR now available for users of the iPhone

Announced Rovio the Finnish developer of the Angry Birds game, last month that the first version of the augmented reality of the game available for pre-order, have been called Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs, the day the game was released in the App Store for free.

Use the game platform ARKit from Apple, what makes it compatible with iPhone 6s and later versions, as well as the fifth generation of the iPad and later versions, since this version is customized for the Apple TV at the present time, it is not available on Android devices, but we expect its arrival in the future according to the hints the police.

And take the game players to an island far away where the holiday greedy green pigs, and provide more than 40 level, and you’ll meet some of the birds you know and love already, but in a more realistic environment make Angry Birds live life like never before.

Thanks to augmented reality technology, players can roam around the structures overlapped on the things in their environment to find weak areas to attack them, or select different angles to get the best accuracy, or discover hidden surprises that will delight them defeat the green pigs earn more points, as well as unlock extra content, but keep in mind that the game may require internet connection may not download additional content even after the download of the initial game.

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