Game Apex Legends up to 10 million players after only three days on its launch

apex legends

Apex Legends is a new game based on the concept of the Royal Patel company Respawn Entertainment, which is the same company that stands behind the game Titanfall famous. Has stated the developer for this game they put ” a lot on the ” through the launch of a new game of this type. Saw this game gotten a great response from the players so that the game managed to attract 1 million players within only eight hours after launch. Just three days after her arrival, exceeded the total number of players Apex Legends of ten million players.

It is interesting to note that Fortnite, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular games royal pat, it took me two weeks to up to ten million players after its launch by the company Epic Games. The president wrote to the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Mr. Vince Zampella in a publication on the blog that the game did not exceed ten million players after its launch, but it broke the barrier of a million players simultaneously.

He added : ” We knew that the launch of the game this way would be risky, providing the game for free, and the launch of a sudden. But we all fell in love with Apex Legends, and thus we want and need other people to play also “.

Like many of the games royal battle blockbuster, the game Apex Legends allows in turn the possibility of free play, as the gameplay experience is not different from similar games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game requires players to form teams of three players. There are many features in addition to features that allow the possibility of playing without voice chat.

Mr. Vince Zampella : ” this is only the beginning, we have a lot of the things that we hide you this year “. So, fans can this game be assured that the Apex Legends will continue to improve with the passage of time.

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