Game Apex Legends up to a record high in the number of players in just 3 days

The game has achieved Apex Legends record number of users in just 3 days since launch the game officially, as the number of players to 10 million players.

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In the time it took for the game Fortnite two weeks to after users to 10 million players, did not give up the game Apex Legends three days after its launch sudden, they only managed to attract 10 million players in such a short period.

He pointed Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, to the launch of the game dramatically is a big risk for sure, but the developers of the game was for them to see in the experience offered by the game which will surely bring a lot of players to it, so it was the company’s decision of launching a sudden, to share this experience with a lot of users.

And game Apex Legends one of the games of war and fighting, which include a set of main characters within the game, as they combine the experience of the game Fortnite وPUBG, and experience in collective games to the users.


I know of

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