Game awaited Race GRID Autosport is now available for download demo in Android

لعبة السباقات المُنتظرة GRID Autosport متاحة الآن للتسجيل التجريبي في أندرويد

With the end of 2017, since that was the ad for the racing game GRID Autosport on iOS, the news reports are from near launch on the other system Android, so the company appeared Feral is situated Interactive is the developer of the game and the intention to launch the game by this at some time in 2018, but the police appeared again, and announced that its game GRID Autosport will be available officially for Android users in the year 2019.

Today, the company announced the availability of the software demo of your game GRID Autosport in Android, so that any user can participate in this demo version, provided that your Android device is running “Android 8.0 most recent, and includes random access memory “ram” at least 4 GB, as well as to be a processor of the type Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor with graphics Adreno 530 or GPU Mali-T880, and apparently had accepted some. other than these specifications mentioned, although there is no guarantee that the game will work as the best.

Generally, once you enter your email in the form and choose your area, you will have to provide the name of the device manufacturer and model, operating system version, when will be greeted by a warning that all entries are processed manually, which means that the response of the Feral is situated Interactive may take up to 24 hours, with a noticeable delay on the weekends.

As the company explained, that the demo version will allow testers to play multiplayer mode with four players against testers of others, and there will be no single-player mode in this beta version, therefore the purpose of this release is to receive feedback about any problems encountered by the testers, all to ensure the launch of the game Need level.

Finally, I don’t know the real reason behind the delay, Feral is situated Interactive in the launch of its game GRID Autosport on the Android platform, which is already available on iOS two years ago, but with this ad we can know that the official version of the full will be available soon, so if you want to get the opportunity to look directly version Android of GRID Autosport, be sure to fill out this form and send it.

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