Game balot screws – the idea of amazing design, fabulous, fantasy of another world. don’t miss it – for free !

Who doesn’t know the fees of the screws, which depends on very distinctive personalities, these characters that have no impact in the Gulf region and the Arab region in general, ha is now engaged in a game of belote, the design is gorgeous, and the idea is amazing, make the gameplay more fascinating, today we’ll show you on the game “balot screws” that have achieved great success.

لعبة بلوت مسامير

Game balot screws

Made the game “balot screws” wow expected within hours of its launch numbers amazing unprecedented among gaming applications local in the Arab region.

The game launched in late December 2017 offer a mix of funny and exceptional among the “Bluegrass” the months closest to the audience the gulf between characters famous cartoon “screws” in the template fun, interactive employs the latest innovative technologies, making them eligible to acquire the market of game applications since the first day of its launch.

During the 24 hours of the launch of its made the game a list of free games most sought-after stores in the App Store and Play Store more than 3 million impressions, and was ranked first for more than a week, followed by in second place on the list of the famous game “ludo”.

لعبة بلوت مسامير

Game balot screws

How to record game success on the level of the Saudi market which is the largest market and the hardest to GCC, so as to occupy the first place in the category of arcade games for more than 5 consecutive weeks, with the number of players “online” during the first 48 hours of the release of the game is 150 thousand player, as well as game comments and positive ratings, classified as: “best game balot available at all!”

Have told the action team that works tirelessly to take advantage of all the suggestions and comments received, emphasizing that the many advantages and surprises waiting for all the App users in the next few days of updates that will lend the game a more fun and for lovers of Bluegrass all what they are looking for.

Returns the success of the “BlueTEC screws” to the strategic cooperation between Saudi Arabia two pioneers in the field, are: Merck to produce animation, grew to develop and manage the applications, which worked on the development of the game fee figures bring the high accuracy, and employing techniques of artificial intelligence and simulation of reality, and embed competitive advantages such as interference levels and stages and assemble the awards.. in order to produce this game unique on all scales.

لعبة بلوت مسامير

Game balot screws

In terms of Marketing the game, has published Merck in conjunction with the launch of the game clip promotion that put in touch the “screws” on the famous song “play night”. The record provided more than 2.2 million views within a week of its publication, more than a million of which were during the days of the first three. Which make it among the list of most popular on YouTube for more than three consecutive weeks.

Also, the game offers a number of sponsorship packages for companies of Saudi Arabia that combines sports talent, and marketing that highlights what you are offering.

In this way, prove the Group is based on the “BlueTEC screws” to succeed in the world of gaming apps on smart phones really take advantage of unique opportunities, and in delivering innovative idea to perfection, and threatens the trade integrated to the user in all their details.


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 7.0 so what the newest and / or Android 4.1 and newer.
  • Size : 246 MB for Apple / by device for Android devices.

Download on Apple devices:

Developer : Tijari Commercial

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

Download on Android devices:

Developer : Sabbar

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

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