Game Builder Game the new video from Google that allows building a game private and share them with friends

Game Builder لعبة فيديو جديدة من قوقل تتيح بناء بيئة لعب خاصة ومشاركتها مع الأصدقاء

Launched Google today Game Game Builder for fans of video games entertaining and simple, as is clear from the naming it is a video game that allows the construction of an environment game design is simple according to the wishes of the player in MineCraft, where the player can listen to building his own game with the possibility to share with your friends and enjoy playing customs.

The idea of the game is to drag and drop the characters within the play field to start building an environment to suit the style and wishes of the player in accordance with the tools available, where you can arrange the mechanism of interaction between the elements of the host via end custom orders for each component fund orders equipment for this process, to refine the final form of the game extracted from the Game Builder available for free on the system Windows and Mac.

It is worth mentioning that the game is available on the platform playing Direct Steam since the first of last November she has many good reviews from fans of this genre of games, to pay this assessment Google export the game to the public for free in hopes of increasing the numbers of its players which might be exploited in the future in the service of her initiative will be judged.

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