Game Call of Duty applicable to users of smart phones in October free

Was Activision has announced Call of Duty: Mobile in cooperation with Tencent during the month of March last, the day has been determined on the first of October to release the game officially on my platform Andorid and iOS.

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Have the users of smart phones on the platform of my Andorid and iOS the chance to experience the game Call of Duty famous starting from the first of the month of October, with the launch of version Mobile, which is available for free download users users also get updates for free too.

The game Call of Duty: Mobile integrated experience include a range of maps, weapons, and miscellaneous, together with a set of characters of the famous game in the series of games Call of Duty, it will also provide users with features to customize the experience favorite in the game fully.

Also come to the game more than the style of playing, different styles for the characters, as Will a range of characters, weapons, favorite users to choose from, as well as includes the game new combat styles and among them the sprawling and also Battle Royale.

Can pre-register now via callofduty.comor in store andthe Google Play and iOS App Store soon, the police also confirmed that the areas that got the game Call of Duty: Mobile already will retain its players to the level of progress that has been achieved in the game, which include Canada, Peru along with Australia.


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