Game Call of Duty: Mobile available now for download on Android and iOS

When we talk about the Games Battle Royal the first to be mentioned is the game PUBG and game Fortnite where have these games very popular, however the game featured a new game Call of Duty: Mobile and available now for download on Android and iOS this is the game of the month Games on devices PlayStation and you can download them now with ease after all the official game .

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Game Call of Duty: Mobile available now for download on Android and iOS

The company Activision in collaboration with the company and Tencent launch Call of Duty: Mobile for smartphone was added within the game many of the maps taken from the game Modern Warfare and Black Ops, otherwise added more form to play where you can play like Batman Royale where you play against 100 players and you must stay to the end .

لعبة Call of Duty: Mobile متاحة الأن للتحميل على الأندرويد و iOS

There is also a modem zombies where you can play online with 5 people in addition to the Hardpoint, Deathmatch, Domination, Frontline, previously the game was in laying eggs for 6 months but now has been launched officially .

In my view the game offers a very good experience like game PUBG and Fortnite in addition to that the GPU is better in comparison between them ,you can now download the game on Android and iOS, it is worth mentioning that the size of the game reaches about 1.5 GB .

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