Game Call of Duty Mobile coming next month for iPhone and iPad

After the release the beta version in the month of May, the company announced Activision now release date Call of Duty Mobile officially. Developed by the studio Tencent Timi, and will be available for both iOS and Android, in the situation of multi-player and multiplayer maps months maps copy Call of Duty, including the contents of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Call of Duty Mobile operating system, iOS, and Android

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According to Activision, the game will be the phrase on the experience of a first-person shooter first-person, and will launch the game in multiple modes, including Free-For-All وFrontline and Team Deathmatch وHardpoint وDomination.

لعبة Call of Duty Mobile

Put Battle Royale 100 player

The game is designed specifically for this situation, in addition to the modes of multi-play mentioned above. You started the game either alone or with a team (two players or 4 players), then get on a boat or helicopter or use combat tactics to chase down your competition.

Will include all conditions also on some maps, weapons and even characters from all versions of the game. The maps include classics like Nuketown وCrash وHijacked and more.

Release date Call of Duty Mobile

Will be the launch of Call of Duty Mobile in all over world in October, according to a press release yesterday.

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