Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coming to power on 25 October

لعبة Call of Duty: Modern Warfare قادمة إلى السلسلة في 25 أكتوبر

After a long wait, coming game Modern Warfare to the series of Call of Duty to deliver the experience the game totally different with a new version developed by Infinity Ward and contributed to Activision Publishing and marketing, this version will be available to play in 25th of October next.

The series is Call of Duty from the months and stronger chains games in the field of fire and battles, and the new version of his game is Modern Warfare wouldn’t be far from the nature of the other version with the experience allows players to adventure conflicts in the modern era in European cities and regions of the imagination in the Middle East.

And players can register for pre-order in order to get the game starting today and then they will get the prestige for using it directly in a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

And through Dave Stowe, director of the studio assistant in the Infinity Ward event: “this is a Modern Warfare a totally new, redesigned from all angles and dimensions, we want to assess the experience of the emotional inspired by news headlines world today, where laws are ambiguous and the parties concerned are not clear, will the players to a variety of Special Forces of state and local educators independent to perform the task of imposing and dominant in European cities renowned and large cities in the fictional Middle East. Will be a fantastic game and exciting, and we can’t wait to try it our fans in the month of October”.

As Patrick Kelly, the creative director and Studio Manager Assistant at Infinity Ward, said: “We put our players in mind when we made all the design decisions. And we took with the launch of version Modern Warfare steps to unite the community of players. Find first to play players version Modern Warfare together, whether on the computer or platform to run other games. Secondly, we’ll buy your season ticket (season pass) so we can provide more maps and content as well as free events of post-launch for all players. This is just the beginning, there more regularly players in the future.”

Recall that the interested in all over the world will be able to experience it at all in the 25 October, where will all platforms PS4 and Xbox One, the next version of the integrated computer was developed in collaboration with Beenox.

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