Game Candy Crush still accommodate 4.2 million dollars of revenue every day


According to the statistics of the past year, it has been said that the game Fortnite Battle Royale from the company Epic Games was to earn $ 2 million dollars of revenue daily on iOS devices only. This is definitely not a small number, but it seems that it is still low compared to the game Candy Crush developed by company King.

According to a new report released recently from the institution of the Sensor Tower specialized in market research, it has been said that Candy Crush brings in the expected $ 4.2 billion of revenue a day. And that the game has achieved a total return of US $ 1.5 billion on Android devices and iOS. Given that this game was released six years ago, there is no doubt that this figure is very impressive.

It was also said that the game Candy Crush original won 945 billion USD in revenue, and 29 percent of revenue, 443 million USD came from the sub-versions such as Candy Crush Soda Saga, while the harvested Candy Crush Jelly Saga about 90 million USD. For the latest of the game which carries the name of Candy Crush Friends Saga, they succeeded to harvest $ 3 million of revenue after the launch in October of 2018.

For comparison, it has succeeded game Pokemon Go in reaped $ 800 million of revenue in 2018, while successfully game Fortnite in the harvest of about 445 billion USD on iOS devices. Judging from this, it is clear to us that the game of Candy Crush is still getting a significant amount of revenue despite the fact that they released several years ago.

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