Game Clash of the two authorities – he attacked, defended, avenged, and items for your kingdom. great!

Do you love strategy games? You can build kingdoms and wars epic long-term?, the Game Clash of the two authorities will be one of the best games that you will notice it at all! You can downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play!

In this world where the dog attack, and defend, retaliate and elements, where there is no mercy at all which is not a place for wimps, here you can build your fort, and other loot from the world map, Train Your troops to expand your territory, join alliances with friends trustworthy challenge-a bloody like no other.

Join millions of players around the world to experience a period of Arab history, the old to the days of the Ottoman Empire the great at the height of its power!

Five reasons will make you love this game:

1.Issued orders to the troops as if you were a true leader, we give you strategies no limits!

Do some service to delude the enemy as if you want to get some resources, and are next to the enemy castle, and then attacked him by surprise with your allies, no need to retreat the troops to the castle of your own like some other games boring.

2.Turn your interior as if you are a real king!

You can manage and follow up on everything in your city, the strength of your armies, and the consumption of grain in one interface which helps in giving a special insight in how to promote imports towards the summit.

3.Troops, troops, troops!

Build armies of tractor invincible! Trail the largest number of archers, cavalry, infantry, carriages get, Issue your orders with tact.

If you want to occupy the farm sent a large number of the Where can bring you a huge amount of resources at one time, but if you attack someone it is better to take the stroller and get to destroy the walls of his stone!

4.Fuse cover!

Joined to strong or to form an alliance your own alliance is the key to survival on the bloody battlefield of this! If you are the leader of one of the alliances you can label any name, and give each player the center of his own coalition to promote and expand the team, and most importantly you can join the war for the throne of glory and become the situation in your kingdom.

5.A classic strategy game!

Are you still confused in choosing heroes and play on you because he lost your interest, don’t worry however, the struggle for power two make it simple and easy! When going to war, you can focus on the combination laws, and is only concerned with the strategy of your movements and force! This is the pure art of war!

You will bring a thousand years of prosperity to your people? You will become your soldiers under the rule of your good and wise masters of their fate? Will you do your empire a long period of time?

Download today and get a free package for the war epic! See you in Game!

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