Game Command & Conquer: Rivals is now available for all Android users

لعبة Command & Conquer: Rivals متاحة الآن لجميع مستخدمي أندرويد

Last June the company announced the EA she came back to the privilege of an old from her rich profile, A games Command & Conquer, which should be a familiar name among users, and may carry the new version the name of the Command & Conquer: The Rivals, generally in that time the company indicated about the availability of the demo version of the game from the Android operating system, and last week announced near the official launch.

Today is officially the game became available for the final all Android users, in terms of definition, it is a strategy game played in real-time between players, so will be Command & Conquer: Rivals players battles live fast, attractive, professional and Strategic at once.

As the game provides two factions each faction has different leaders and different abilities, and frankly the game Command & Conquer: the Rivals don’t offer the full experience as it is on computers, not to mention that the map size is somewhat limited, finally the game Command & Conquer: Rivals is available for download on the store Google Play for free, and of course without a doubt include internal purchases priced medium to rather high.

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