Game controller Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed for people with disabilities

Despite some skepticism about computer games (we include here all such games: on consoles, on portative, PC and so on), this kind of art is very unique in many aspects.

Unfortunately, not all have the opportunity to play games. Some people with disabilities for various reasons can not use the usual controllers, or they do it extremely uncomfortable. The company Microsoft has created for people a special device — Xbox Adaptive Controller. Despite the name, it’s not just a controller.

As seen in the photos, it really looks like a game controller… which 10 years were swinging, took steroids and ate chicken breast pounds. But everything is not so simple. The controls really are. Two big black circle is not DJ turntables, and custom buttons. But besides that the device has its own button, it has 19 connectors for all sorts of buttons, triggers, stickers and other controls. Also Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller you can connect standard joysticks, gamepads, and so on. In General, watch the video and understand everything.

As every person with disabilities in their problems unique and individual approach is needed. The ability to connect to the device, a lot of buttons and other control elements with means to configure as a single controller, and makes the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller is highly versatile.

To buy such a thing will be possible sometime in the end of the year for $ 100.


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