Game Crossy Road Castle will soon reach Apple Arcade

Apple, the Apple Arcade one of the latest services subscriptions to Apple, with a price tag of $ 4.99 only per month and allows access to dozens of games at one time, and has already earned its fair share of positive feedback.

Apart from the price, it is a service you add many games to the content to choose from. How to access to those games are not exclusive, and in addition to that the games free of ads or in-app purchases.

I know of

At the time, which employs a lot of developers and publishers on the issuance of special games that service, announced the company Hipster Whale recently that it will be a new version of the game Crossy Road the famous name Crossy Road Castle to Apple Arcade, which brings some well-known elements in the game to Environment game New.

This time will be assigned to players to move inside the big castle, and rid the room by one of the bad guys, collect coins and avoid obstacles along the way. Will be able up to four players can enjoy Crossy Road Castle at one time.

As is the case for games Apple Arcade, it means that the Crossy Road Castle will be exclusive to a subscription service Apple TV, and will not be available on Android. When issuing a new game, players will be able to experience the game with games on iOS وiPadOS وmacOS and tvOS.

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