Game Final Fantasy Crystal coming to mobile phones this winter

لعبة Final Fantasy Crystal قادمة على الهواتف المحمولة هذا الشتاء

To remind, the conference of the E3 will be held this week, which means that a lot of games will be announced, including games-oriented mobile phones, generally in a presentation for Square Enix this year, the team that the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is coming to both Android and iOS this winter.

And if you remember, since last September, it was revealed that the title will come to PS4 and Switch, which is not related to Android games and iOS, but support for smart phones that was announced recently is a pleasant surprise already.

On the other hand, also, was the version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles originally on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2003, which is basically the game “RPG” so that you can control a group of characters while wandering in search of fuel that can protect the settlements of the world from the deadly poison.

Of course, as indicated by the developers of the game, will this version graphics a cleaner suitable for HD screens, in addition to developing a new multi-players online, where you can collaborate with friends wherever they are in the game, although it is not known whether this will be across all platforms.

Finally, why is evolution of the pricing of the game yet, we hope that Square Enix some additional details about this release, especially before all perspective and planned in the coming winter.

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