Game Fortnite Battle Royale for Android will be exclusive to a number of Samsung devices

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In the event that the company Samsung slide the curtain officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 9, The President announced the CEO of Epic Games about the partnership agreement with Samsung. Yes, an exclusive deal, but not for the phone Galaxy Note Only 9, but for a number of Samsung devices. However, there is an exclusive item for you devices Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 per game Fortnite Battle Royale, a suit is exclusive which carry the name ” Galaxy“, and above peek them.

If you order the phone Galaxy Note 9 in advance, you’ll get the option of getting$ 150 from the virtual currency V-Bucks in the game which you can use to buy many items within the game with the knowledge that Headphones AKG with built-in noise cancellation that comes with the phone would be so great for prolonged gaming sessions.

You don’t need to phone Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy Tab S4 to run the game Fortnite Battle Royale, they are available right now for both the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9 added to the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Tab S4.

After the expiry of the cities that will be in the game exclusive for Samsung devices, will be Fortnite Battle Royale available on many other devices. However, the users downloaded from the official website to buy Epic Games instead of the Google Play Store. There, you’ll find the full list of Android devices supported.



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